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Real Customer Unboxing Videos, Selfies, Testimonials and Product Reviews (and How To Create Your Own)

15 days ago
One of our favourite parts of what we do here at The Facial Room is seeing your reaction to the p...
Coola Sunscreen - the facial room

Exciting Announcement: The Facial Room Now Offers COOLA Mineral SPF Suncare

We are so very excited to introduce a new line of products at The Facial Room: all natural skin p...
The Facial Room complimentary Skin Consultations

Why It Matters Where You Buy Your Eminence Organics Skincare From

Skincare products, especially organic ones, have a shelf life – exposure to air, light, moisture ...
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Patricia's favourite skincare products and The Facial Room best sellers

Patricia Asmar, founder and owner of The Facial Room, is often asked "what's your favourite skincare product?" And while picking an absolute favourite would be akin to picking a favourite child – utterly and completely impossible – she has selected a handful of products that she and customers of The Facial Room come back to again and again, plus a few skincare products that she thinks are going to become everyone’s new favourite for spring and summer.

Mother's day - the facial room

3 ways to pamper mom for Mother's Day

Mom’s special day is right around the corner – don’t leave your shopping until the last minute! Plan an extra-special day for the extra-special women in your life. Here are three ways to pamper mom for Mother's Day.
5 simple ways to renew your spring skincare routine

5 simple ways to renew your spring skincare routine

As we shrug off the heaviness of winter to welcome spring, there’s a sense of coming ease and renewal. We want to experience it in every aspect of our lives – including our skincare. From rethinking your diet to shaking up your skincare products, here are 5 simple ways to uncomplicate and optimize your spring skincare routine.

5 tips to turn your skin care routine into a self care ritual

5 tips to turn your skin care routine into a self care ritual

February is the month of love, so show yourself some love by turning your skin care routine into a self care ritual! With a few little tweaks your daily routine of caring for your skin can turn into a moment of self love – calm, stress free and just for you.
2021 skincare routine, skincare essentials, skincare guide, skincare steps, skincare resolutions

How to create the best 2021 skincare routine for your skin

January is the perfect time to reset your skincare routine, taking it back to the basics and ensuring it’s serving you and your skin in the best possible way! It’s easy to want to hop on the newest, latest skincare trend, but it’s important to have a good solid foundation to your skincare routine first.

how to give yourself a diy facial at home

How to give yourself a facial at home

Your favourite spa may be closed or next to impossible to get in to right now, but that doesn’t mean your next facial has to wait! We’re sharing expert tips for a facial at home from owner and founder of The Facial Room, Patricia Asmar. Patricia is a C.I.D.E.S.C.O. trained and internationally certified esthetician with over 25 years in the spa industry!

Give the gift of eminence organics Canada skincare this Christmas

Give the gift of great skin with these Eminence Organics gift sets

The holiday season is once again upon us and we are excited to share some of our favourite gifts with you! If you are on the hunt for great gift ideas, look no further than this Eminence Organics skin care gift guide! 

Fall skincare eminence organics Canada skincare for autumn

Swap Your Skincare To Get Glowing Skin This Fall

As we head into fall, you may notice changes in your skin. Dryness, irritation and breakouts are typical skin concerns in the autumn. An easy solution is to swap out a few skincare products to help you glow all fall and winter long.

Introducing the NEW Eminence Organics Gemstone Collection

Introducing the NEW Eminence Organics Gemstone Collection

We’re excited to announce a wonderful way to bring this summer to a close, with the announcement of the new Gemstone Collection by Eminence Organic Skin Care.
Step Up Your SPF For Summer

Step Up Your SPF For Summer

You should be taking sun care protection measures all year round – but with summer here,  it’s especially important to be diligent with SPF in your skincare routine. UV rays are incredibly harmful to your skin. We're sharing some of our favourite products and tips to keep your skin protected all summer long.

Patricia Asmar

Why We’re Serving You With Ethics & Authenticity

We are Eminence’s largest authorized online retailer in Canada and have been selling Eminence Organics products for over 20 years, in our spa, and online.
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4 Reasons To Add Antioxidants To Your Skincare Routine

Antioxidants help protect your skin from cellular damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors like UV rays and pollution. Antioxidants provide long-term protection for your skin against these damaging elements.
Keeping Your Skin Healthy With Eminence Organics Mangosteen Collection

Keeping Your Skin Healthy With Eminence Organics Mangosteen Collection

The Eminence Organic Skin Care Mangosteen Collection harnesses the benefits of the Mangosteen to resurface the complexion, refine pores and revitalize the skin.
Probiotic Skin Care?

Probiotic Skin Care?

Topical probiotics can be used to treat conditions such as acne and eczema by balancing the bacteria associated with these conditions. 

Your MUST Winter Skin Care Products

Your MUST Winter Skin Care Products

Eminence Organics has developed highly effective products to soothe and repair even the driest winter skin.
Optimal Skincare with Bamboo Extract

Optimal Skincare with Bamboo Extract

Eminence Organic Skin Care products that contain bamboo extract strengthen, protect and restore your skin’s resilience. This makes it easier for skin to fight against acne-causing bacteria and reduce the visible signs of aging. 
Treat Hormonal Breakouts with Eminence’s Eight Greens Line

Treat Hormonal Breakouts with Eminence’s Eight Greens Line

The Eight Greens line is here to help with hormonal cystic acne, especially in the chin area! This is a phytoestrogen-based line that is specifically used to treat hormonal imbalances in the skin.

Woman looking at skin tone in the mirror

Let The Facial Room Help You Keep Your Skin Look Toned and Glowing as We Transition into a New Season

The Facial Room would like to share a guide to help you transition smoothly into fall and keep that glow all season long!