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  • Treat Hormonal Breakouts with Eminence’s Eight Greens Line

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    The Fall season slows our bodily systems as a means to store energy for the winter. This means a sluggish liver which often brings hormonal cystic acne, especially in the chin area.

     The Eight Greens line is here to help! This is a phytoestrogen-based line that is specifically used to treat hormonal imbalances in the skin. These hormonal imbalance result in an increase in oil gland production in the skin which can clog pores and cause breakouts.

    The Eight Greens serum, the Eight Greens Whip moisturizer, and the Eight Greens masks have added paprika to stimulate and detoxify. They also help clear up existing cystic breakouts and prevent any more from appearing.

    Eight Greens Collection

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    Treat your skin to the antioxidant goodness of Eminence Organic’s Eight Greens products. The super-charged greens in this collection are formulated with plant hormones (phytoestrogens) to target problem skin and also treat visible signs of aging. Phytoestrogens are extremely effective in bringing balance back to the skin, regulating oil production and eliminating bacteria.


    What Do Eight Greens Ingredients Do To My Skin?

    For a closer look at the ingredients that make up the Eight Greens Collection - here’s a highlight of the key ingredients and what they can do for your skin:     

    Yucca Extract:  

    What does it do?  Antioxidant-rich yucca supplies phytoestrogens to balance sebum production in the skin and promotes regeneration of the skin.


    What does it do? Not only does this magical green plant help reduce the look of inflammation, but it also assists in forming collagen as well as repairing and restructuring soft tissue.

    Hops Extract:

    What does it do? This ingredient doesn’t just make a tasty brew. Hop plants in our Eight Greens products are responsible for helping to promote estrogen production, fight free-radical damage and soften the look of skin.

    Red Clover:

    What does it do? This pretty little flower boasts huge healing powers. Red clover helps reduce the look of inflammation and blemishes, and is often used to treat other chronic skin diseases.


    What does it do? This spicy (and vitamin-rich) ingredient is what gives heat to our Eight Greens Masque (hot)! Paprika helps the stimulation and oxygenation of skin while its antibacterial properties are effective in treating skin problems caused by bacteria.


    What does it do? Not only does lavender give our Eight Greens products a pleasant aroma, but this floral plant also holds antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm the look of breakouts as well as repair and rejuvenate the appearance of skin.

    Flaxseed/Linseed Extract:

    What does it do? As a source of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed maintains the skin’s moisture level and has anti-inflammatory properties to help restore the look of your complexion's overall health.

    Stone Crop:

    What does it do? This powerful succulent helps lighten, moisturize and repair the look of skin, especially in areas that have been subject to scarring caused by breakouts.                                                  


    What does it do? In addition to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, antioxidant-rich chasteberry helps hormonally balance the skin and leave it with a clear, calm and blemish-free appearance.

    Our Recommendations

    Treat hormonal breakouts by maintaining a proper hygienic skincare routine and trying to avoid unnecessary stress. What’s more, it is highly recommended that you limit foods that increase inflammation, for example, sugar, dairy and refined carbohydrates, while at the same time you should add foods to your diet that promote hormonal health such as healthy fats, leafy greens and foods high in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

    You can also tackle hormonal breakouts with your skincare routine. Eminence Organic’s Eight Greens products are ideal for breakouts because they contain plant-based estrogens that are formulated to target problem skin. The Eight Greens Collection leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling fresh. Winning multiple awards over the years, this collection is a longtime favorite of professionals and consumers alike. 

    We’d love to hear how you keep your skin healthy during the fall months and how you deal with hormonal breakouts. Share your comments with us below and join the conversations on social media.

  • Let The Facial Room Help You Keep Your Skin Look Toned and Glowing as We Transition into a New Season

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    One of the most common issues we see at The Facial Room heading into fall is dull, devitalized skin. This is partly because of sun exposure from a fun-filled summer, also due to the liver starting to slow down as we transition into the colder fall season and our bodies begin to conserve energy for the colder months. Breakouts can also start showing up as our skin is trying to purge what the liver is trying to process.

    Here is a guide to help you transition smoothly into fall and keep that glow all season long!

    Step 1: Eminence Organic Skincare: Exfoliants, Peels & Hungarian Paprika Infused Products

    Woman Adding Peel to Her Face

    Using Eminence Organic skin Care peels and exfoliants for the skin is one of the most effective ways to release the toxins and brighten the skin. Eminence Organic Skin Care treatments infused with paprika stimulate the circulatory system in the skin and creates a detoxifying and oxygenated environment to help the skin looking toned and glowing. The leaders in professional skin care, Eminence Organic Skin Care,   have been developing and constantly innovating skin care products to improve skin clarity and texture and revitalize your complexion. By using Eminence Organic Skin Care products, the visible signs of aging appear reduced and the skin appears dramatically refined softened and smoothed. Overall, your skin will begin to look firmer and plumped.

    Check-out The Facial Room favourite awarding winning, vegan and gluten-free Eminence Organic Skin Care products to help you keep your skin looking its best at any age:


    Bright Skin Exfoliating PeelEminence Organics Calm Skin Chamomile Exfoliating PeelEminence Organics Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating PeelEminence Organics Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating PeelEminence Organics Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System

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    Paprika Products

    Eminence Organics Cinnamon Paprika Body LotionAlmond & Mineral TreatmentEminence Organics Eight Greens Phyto Masque Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating MasqueHungarian Herbal Mud Treatment with Paprika

    Eminence Organic Skin Care has been helping women across the globe keep their skin healthy since 1958, by using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic® products. Eminence Organic’s natural skincare products are infused with fresh fruit pulps, plants and exotic spices that are sourced from organic and Biodynamic® farms worldwide. Choosing organic ingredients ensures that Eminence Organic Skin Care products are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients and free of harmful chemicals like added parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate.

    Step 2: Physical Exercise to Stimulate the Liver

    Unlike the heart or lungs, the liver is an organ which we don’t normally associate with regular physical exercise. However, researchers have found that exercising and staying physically active can help keep the liver stay healthy. By maintaining ideal body weight, we ensure the liver is functioning properly.

    Legs of Woman Jogging

    In fact, research has even suggested that regular exercise can prevent and reverse fatty liver disease. Clinical trials have shown that both aerobic and resistance exercise reduce our liver fat content. Exercise increases fatty acid oxidation, decreases fatty acid synthesis, and prevents mitochondrial and hepatocellular damage through a reduction of the release of damage-associated molecular patterns. Basically, physical exercise involving walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and weight training is an effective way to fight fatty liver disease.

    Step 3: Consume Drinks/Foods to Stimulate the Liver

    Keeping your liver functioning at peak performance in order to break down toxins like alcohol and natural byproducts of metabolism, partly depends on consuming certain foods and drinks and avoiding others.


    • Coffee reduces fat buildup in the liver and increases protective antioxidants. It also helps liver enzymes eliminate cancer-causing substances.
    • Green tea, like coffee, is believed to reduce overall fat content in the liver. It also reduces oxidative stress and other signs of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

    Fruit & Berries

    • Blueberries, raspberries and cranberries contain anthocyanins, antioxidants which give berries their distinctive dark colours. What’s more, they help keep the liver healthy by slowing down the development of lesions and fibrosis and the development of scar tissue in the liver. By adding these berries to your diet, you ensure that your liver is supplied with the antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.
    • Grapefruit contains antioxidants that naturally protect the liver by reducing inflammation and protecting cells. If you make grapefruit part of your daily diet, you keep your liver healthy by fighting damage and inflammation.
    • Grapes, especially the darker varieties, are liver-friendly food since the compounds they contain, like resveratol, can lower inflammation, prevent liver damage and increasing antioxidant levels.
    • Prickly pears may also be beneficial to liver health. Studies have found that compounds in the fruit may help protect the liver.


    Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale and mustard greens are recognized for their high fiber content. However, they also contain highly beneficial plant compounds which increase levels of detoxification enzymes and protect the liver from damage.


    Bowl of Walnuts

    Most nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants which help prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. If you make eating a handful of nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, part of your daily diet, you can help maintain liver health. It should be noted though that nuts are high in calories.

    Fatty Fish

    It is recommended that we consume fatty fish and fish oil supplements to help reduce the possibility of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Fatty fish should become part of our diet since they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation. These fats prevent the accumulation of excess fats and maintain enzyme levels in the liver.

    It is suggested to eat oily fish two or more times each week which is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, we can take daily fish oil supplements.

    Olive oil

    Generally, it’s not a good idea to eat too much vegetable or animal fats. However, olive oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids which help reduce oxidative stress and improve liver function.

    If you’d like to learn more about keeping your skin bright and healthy, please read 10 Tips For Healthy Skin.

    We’d love to hear how you keep your skin healthy during the fall months. Share your comments with us below and join the conversations on social media.